5 kinds of men you shouldn't marry

Marriage is a very important commitment yet some people don't take it  as serious as they should. Many settle down with partners that are way less than what God intended for them due to impatience. Staying single is better than marrying the wrong person. Here are four kinds of men you should'nt marry at all.

An unbeliver: God is very clear on his instructions with regards to this. The bible admonishes us not to be unequally yoked with unbelivers. Yet even as clear as this is, many people still give excuses that they feel justifies their marriage to an unbeliver. Some say they will convert him after marriage. Trust me once you are married to him, converting him to your faith will be about three times more difficult than it was when you guys where still dating. The most likely thing that will happen when you marry an unbeliver is that you begin to grow cold towards the things of God up till the point where you dont consider your service to God neccessary anymore or your faith wi…

Deal with your anger before it deals with you

Why am I still single? Five questions to ask yourself.

I am of age to get married, I am financially stable; why am I still single? This question often run through the minds of Christian singles. You may think you are ready but there are some little things you tend to consider as unimportant during your time as a single. Those little things can hinder or delay your marital destiny. My prayer for you is that God gives you the wisdom to make amends as you ask yourself these questions. ·Are you marriageable? I stumbled across an article some time ago and the writer asked a question that really struck me hard. His question was ‘can you marry yourself?’ Take a moment to think about this question. As a lady if you were a guy would you approach yourself and build a long term relationship with you? Same thing goes for a man. Search yourself, what are those habits you engage in that are repulsive to others, work on them. No man wants to marry a nagging women or a gossip likewise no woman wants to marry a hot tempered or lazy man. Keep fit, don’t jus…

Awesome facts about sex you didn’t know

Human beings are naturally fascinated with sex; it’s a desire that God put in us at creation but many of us make the mistake of awakening it before its due time. These days we hear of casual sex, flings, one night stands and many other titles attached to sex. However, let’s take a moment to ask ourselves this question; are all this names the real reason God created sex? The real purpose why God created sex is to bring glory to his name but most times we do otherwise.
The act of sexual intercourse carries a lot of physical and spiritual significance that we tend to forget. Sex is not really something that should be done anyhow with just anyone. It is sacred and its sacredness is even portrayed in our different cultures. Let’s look at a few significance;
ØSex is likened to a soul tie; what do I mean? God intended sex to be a union of two lives into one uniting with him (God) in a blood covenant; gen 2:24, 1 Corinthians 6:12-20. A covenant is an agreement done with blood and it’s not to be…


Many youths today in fact 70% of youths don't know how to differentiate between love and lust. They claim to know the difference but still they fall into the issue of mistaken identity again. Very few know the true meaning of love and as such it has been abused up to the point of almost losing its value. There's an old adage that says when the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Today guys/ladies say I love you without really meaning it. They say it to satisfy their lustful desires and as such ladies have learnt how to play along. A guy says 'I love you to a girl and she just scoffs while a lady says the same and the guy starts wondering if she's after his money. No one is ready to entirely trust the other party and if things continue this way then the real meaning of love will be lost on us.
They are numerous definitions of love as everyone tends to define love based on his/her understanding, but lets look at what the bible has to say about it because…